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Welcome to Sea Point Veterinary Hospital

Sea Point Vet was started by Dr. Roy Aronson in 1985 and has thus been serving the community for over thirty years. 

Our vision is to offer quality health care for pets at affordable prices - we focus on preventive care and we aim to educate pet owners or prospective pet owners how to keep their pets happy and healthy. Our mission is to create a warm and welcoming environment for our patients and their care givers, one where the whole family feels welcome to participate and at the end they  leave smiling with their newfound knowledge on how to care for their furry family members.

What separates us from  other clinics is that we offer a FULL VETERINARY SERVICE. Surgical and medical cases are handled "in house". Our approach is called a diagnostic cascade - we run a test and then attempt to make a diagnosis. We only proceed to the next test if we cannot make a diagnosis with the first one. This cascade of events lands up saving the client a lot of money and the animals a lot of stress.

We care about our community and have recently proudly teamed up with OSCARS ARC, we are truly inspired by their innovative dog adoption projects around our beautiful city.


Our motto: "happy pets, happy owners, happy vets".