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Ask The Vet is an online question and answer forum, where you have an opportunity to post questions, and get an answer directly from the vet. We try to have a turnaround time under 24 hours. This also offers a database of open source information that you can use to access frequently asked questions (and unusual and not-so-frequently asked ones!) and get answers at your desktop or mobile phone. Our search function will soon be added. Click on a question to view the answer, or ask the vet a question now!

Hi. Any suggestions on how I can clean cats teeth / improve his breath? Thanks :) Nina on 19th Mar 2018
Hi. What is the price to sterilise a Chihuahua male dog? Amanda Amanda Björkman on 3rd Mar 2018
Hi I have a 5yr old male cat. I got him when he was 2months old & he was the most affectionate kitten however his since then become very aloof. He doesn't like any kind of affection shown & he definitely doesn't give any either. His idea of affection is biting & scratching me. Is it possible to change that & make him a bit more affectionate? Zoe on 21st Feb 2018
Adopted a rescue pup..2 and a half months old (born 8 November 2017) He had his first vaccination on 18December 2017 (Distemper/Adenovirus 2/Parainfluenza-lascivious Vaccine) The second vac for the above was on 7 January 2018, and in addition to this was the LeptospiraCanicola-Icteohaemmorhagiaa-Bacterin vaccine. Next vaccination due beginning of February 2018. I would Like to take my puppy to socialization puppy classes dor dogs 10 weeks to 6 months. Should I wait until he has had the last vaccination, or is it ok to take him to classes already. I am afraid of jeopardizing his immune system, or is he ok at this stage as he has had had tra other vacs already. Thank you and Kind Regards. Awaiting your reply. Jackie Romanov Jackie Romanov on 25th Jan 2018
I have a 5year old male cat, he has a habit of linking the curtains, what could be the reason? He is an indoor cat. Rescued from a feral mommy at 2weeks. Cost me 2years ago, when he swallowed a thread&had to have gut op, any solutions to this problem? Thank you. Maureen on 18th Jan 2018
Hi,I’m adopting a kitten from a rescue organization. They took her for her first vaccination last Tuesday and she was only 7 weeks old.on the Friday she collapsed and took a few seconds to regain consciousness. The vet they had her at said it could be a reaction to the vaccine or this true?they gave her a vitamin d booster and she is going for a checkup tomorrow.if she passes at the vet I will get her on there anything I should look out for?thanks Daniella on 21st Dec 2017
Hi Dr, I gave my dog some milk to drink and now it is vomiting - please help! Amelia van der Walt on 16th Nov 2017
Dear Dr, I am looking forward to Braai-day, is it okay to feed my dogs the bones? George Lin on 18th Oct 2017
My dog is chewing its paws and losing its fur, why is this happening? Alexis Aronson on 18th Oct 2017
My cat doesn't want to go outside for a wee in the rain, should I be worried about this? lauren on 28th Aug 2017