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Our Facilities

Sea Point Veterinary Hospital boasts a modern heath care facility that can compete with any veterinary facility in South Africa.

At Sea Point Vet we aim to be paperless - so making use of digital software to manage our practice is essential. X-rays, ultrasounds and labratory tests and many othe diagnostic techniques are done in-house.

Besides the advantage of very quick turnaround sevice there is also a considerable saving of money. 

We have a dedicated cat ward, and a separate dog ward - for pets that require hospitalisation. This ensures that stress is kept to a minimum.

Our policy is, however, to try and minimize your pet's hospital stay. They are happier and recover better at home and we are sensitive to this. Because of this, most of our patients are “day patients".

Our ultramodern ultrasound unit is on standby in case your pet needs ultrasound imaging.

Practicing without ultrasound in modern times can be challenging. We have invested a lot in our equipment and can boast a modern ultrasound machine that the manufacturers update with software upgrades on a regular basis.

We are proud of our x-ray unit and facility. We have an ALOKA x-ray machine and a fully digitized developer as well as a high resolution viewing screen.

We also use the services of radiological specialists when needed. We also have access to MRI and use this to view spinal and disc injuries as well as brain abnormalities when needed.

Our fully equipped operating theatre is capable of most surgical procedures. We make use of isoflurane gas anesthesia and modern monitoring equipment.

EVERY anesthetic is monitored with a pulse oximeter and we care for your pets during surgery as if they were our own.

The prep room is the beating heart of our practice. We observe our patients from here, where we sedate them prior to surgery.

We also house most of our equipment in our prep room. Our laboratory is housed in our prep room as well as our Digital x-ray developer and our dental unit.

Without a fully equipped prep room our practice would not function as well as it does.