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Our Services

We have full in house medical services, and cope with most medical conditions that we encounter. Special interests in dermatology, gastroenterology, geriatric patients, cancer treatment and behaviour medicine.

We have a comprehensive pharmacy and dispense all the drugs and medicines directly to your pet.

We have full in house surgical facilities. We operate on your pets in our dedicated operating theatre.

We perform orthopaedic, ligament, dental and intestinal surgery and have thoracic surgery capabilities as well. We have a special interest in geriatrics’s and if your pet is a risky surgical case due to old age - our success rate in this area is excellent. No animal is too old to receive life enhancing surgery.

We have extensive diagnostic imaging facilities including x-rays, digital x-ray developer, large high resolution viewing screens.

We perform ultrasound examinations including abdominal ultrasonography, pregnancy diagnosis and more. We have access to second opinion radiologists and offer the most modern diagnostic imaging currently available in South Africa.

We have invested in an ultra modern laboratory where we perform an extensive panel of diagnostic laboratory tests.

The laboratory suite is directly linked to all the practice computers for your convenience. Our turnaround time is fast and we can have your pets lab results within fifteen minutes.

Time can be the difference between life and death.