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Specials and Promotions

We run monthly specials, as well as having fixed weekly specials. Stay tuned to keep pace with the latest updates, follow our Facebook page - now that's something to smile about fur-fans!





you pay

  • R1500.00

Your pet gets

  • pre anaesthetic exam and pre anaesthetic bloods
  • general anaesthetic, entubation and gas anaesthesia and anaesthetic monitoring with pulse oximeter
  • full dental scaling and prophylaxis
  • Post op injections and supervised recovery
Our Autumn dental special runs from March 15th to March 31st. Please call the practice on 021 4341596 to make an appointment

  1. All dentals strictly by appointment
  2. Patients admitted by 9 am and discharged at 5pm
  3. All patient accounts settled in full at time of discharge
  4. Extra procedures done on request charged at retail
  5. All patients admitted must be fully vaccinated prior to admission
  6. Special precautions with geriatric patients, (over 7 years of age)
Sea Point Vet Hospital
146 Main Road
Sea Point

Sea Point Vet B-DAY Promo!


We've been serving the community for 33 years and to celebrate we are offering a 33% discount on our CONSULTATION fee. This is the fee we usually charge to examine your pet.
This special starts on the 15th of January and ends on the 31st of January
For those two weeks we will charge a consult fee of R300.00

  • Injection fees charged at the usual rate
  • Drugs and products charged at usual retail rate
  • The discount applies to consult fees only
  • The discount starts on Monday 15th January
  • The discount ends on Wednesday 31st January

Dont miss out on the special

You need to call us for an appointment 0214341596

15% FOR 15 DAYS!


For the last 15 days of 2017, we are offering 15% discount on all SERVICES!

Phone us on 0214341596 for more info.


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Vaccine and Microchip special November 2017


Summer is here! And our pets go outside more. We send them to kennels and catteries when going on vacation. Vaccination prevents disease and prevention is better than cure, prevention is also cheaper than cure. Vaccinate your pets for at unheard of low prices! Microchipped pets have a significantly higher chance of getting back home to their owners if they stray.

THE DEAL, vaccine and microchip for R725 you save R450

Appointment essential, call for an appointment 0214341596
All bills to be settled at time of consultation
Share this with friends and if your friend uses our special you will earn PETMILES!

Dental Promotion October 2017


A dog's teeth are a masterpiece of simple engineering designed to tear, shred and grind all manner of foods. Life just wouldn't be the same for your pet without them, so understanding your pet's needs and caring for his teeth is crucial to his lifelong health and happiness.

Our dogs rely on us to help them keep their teeth clean and healthy. This means getting them to the vet for checkups and regular dental exams. Regular dental exams ensure things like cavities, gum disease and broken teeth don’t jeopardize your dog’s health. 
Dental problems can be very painful for your pet and in this age of new and indestructible chew toys, they occur quite often.

Now thats something to smile about - happy pets!