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Meet The Team

We have a dedicated team of professionals ready to be of service to you and your pets. Scroll down to meet our vets and staff.

Dr Roy Aronson

Senior Veterinarian

Dr Roy Aronson is the senior vet at Sea Point Vet. With over 33 years experience in private practice he has an extensive case vocabulary.

"I think that many people dream of being a vet but that privilege is given to very few. I am one of the lucky few. Those of us who dare to try and fulfil their dream and succeed."

He has worked in the city and in the African bush. He was the presenter of a series made for TV, called “Dr Roy’s Vet Safari” which was also documented in his first book: "Tales of an African Vet"published in 2007. He published his next book in 2009 called "It’s a Vet’s Life - Adventures in the City and the Wild". He now writes children's fantasy novels and the next one, "The Curse of the Ancestors", with Jamie James is due to be published soon.

Dr Roy is the driving force behind Sea Point Vet, and there are very few veterinary problems that he can't manage. His aim is to create a pet health centre that is outstanding in every way

Dr Stef Paul


Dr Stef Paul is a young and vibrant veterinarian trained in the latest techniques and treatment. She cut her veterinary teeth doing welfare work whilst on community service in Mpumalanga.

A typical day for Dr Stef includes consultations, surgeries, running up and down Lions Head, grabbing her surfboard to catch a quick wave- her energy is unlimited and her care for her patients is truly a passion.

Dr Stef qualified and after finishing her degree she was part of the first batch of community service vets in South Africa. She spent her year in a welfare environment where she gained an astonishing amount of veterinary experience- making the most of limited resources with her positive outlook on life.

She is capable beyond her years and her kind nature makes for a calm and positive experience for any of our patients.

Evelyn Mapu


Evelyn Mapu is a legend at Sea Point Vet, she has been on the team for over 20 years and she is the smiling face behind our reception desk.

Evelyn is currently completing a degree in social studies, as community is very important to her. Her care for people has made her a social figure in our community. Evelyn is an animal lover and always put a smile on our clients faces when she greets their pets by name and make them feel welcome, with a miaow for the cats and a woof for the dogs.

Evelyn is the backbone of the reception staff, she remembers everyone and everyone knows her. Her knowledge of product and your pets ailments is astonishing. If you need something she will know what to do and source it for you. If it is unavailable she will get you an equivalent product.

Moira Eberbach


Moira started working in the veterinary industry a long time ago. She has been employed almost exclusively within the Citivet group since 1990. Her phenomenal memory ensures that she is able to identify the owners and their animals by the sound of the owners voices over the phone or the minute they walk in to the clinic she remembers them and their animals and the problems and medical conditions that their beloved pet has faced. She makes owners and animals feel comfortable in the stressful situation of having a sick pet. She is truly the face of compassion and care within our hospital and we are thrilled to have her here

Pieter Gilbert

Transport and Security

Pieter Gilbert is a familiar face in the Sea Point area and a valuable team member of Sea Point Vet.

Pieter assists with practice security and transport. He is present in the late afternoon and keeps a beady eye out ensuring that the bad guys keep far away.

Pieter is a versatile handyman and he is always ready to hep out - whether it is to carry a heavy bag of food or to hold your pooch - he got our backs.

Primrose Mwanla

Nursing Assistant

Primrose Mwanla has been a part of the Sea Point Vet team since 1996. She runs our hospital and theatre with a strict hand and is also the right hand to our veterinarians.

Primrose has learnt, and assumed responsibility, for so much of what we do that it would be hard to function without her. She handles the animals with a skill that can’t be taught and has become pivotal as a para-veterinary assistant. Primrose is also skilled at dental prophylaxis and her attention to detail makes her an invaluable member of the surgery team.

Primrose monitors the patient's recovery after being in theatre and her ability to comfort recovering patients is admirable. The dogs leave our practice with tails wagging, and the cats with a purr due in no small measure to her skills

Primrose is a passionate gardener and it is with great delight that she talks about her beautiful vegetable garden.

Stanford Nquqo

Nursing Assistant

Stanford Nquqo joined the Sea Point Vet team in 2008 and has become essential to the smooth running of our practice.

When we need a strong right arm to lift heavy patients he is the one to help. He has acquired skills in radiography makes our radiology department function smoothly. We are vey proud of our skills in taking excellent quality x rays thanks in large measure to him. He also has exceptional nursing skills. Stanford is proud that he has acquired the ability to groom challenging cats and dogs, that require sedation in order to be able to handle them.

Stanford monitors patients in the cat and dog wards and he is a reliable nursing assistant that keeps his cool when things get busy.